Boardvantage board portal review

Board meetings are a multi-step process that requires careful preparation, time-consuming organization, careful analysis, and constant communication support. But things don’t always go smoothly in all of these aspects. Boards also face unproductive meetings, slow information flow, communication difficulties (due to business trips or pandemics), and this reduces the productivity of the company. Boardvantage board portal is a unique program that is ready to help you with document management and the meeting process. In this article, we will review Boardvantage and what features it provides.

Overview of Boardvantage board portal

Boardvantage is a cloud-based board portal software with versatile features that are suitable for a company in any industry including non-profit organizations, private and government organizations, and many other institutions regardless of the size of your business. The provider has become popular because it has been able to provide a convenient and easy space with useful tools so that boards around the world can keep in touch with each other even outside the boardroom in a completely secure environment.

Currently, the provider’s customer base is about 4,000 organizations in more than 80 countries, and most of the companies that use Boardvantage from this list are in the Fortune 100. The provider also has all the necessary certifications that confirm that the software is suitable for use by healthcare institutions.

Main features of Boardvantage software

As said before, the program is quite flexible and versatile to function successfully in almost all areas and provides management, administrators, and the board itself with all the necessary tools for easy and efficient work. All the features the program offers have the following advantages:

-High-level security – storing and sharing files within the program is completely secure because the program has the best security certificates and also has a state-of-the-art data encryption feature

-Multifactor Authentication -the function reliably protects the login to your space and guarantees protection against password cracking and unauthorized entry. You can also add additional levels of protection at your discretion

-Manage your calendar – a feature that makes it easy for meeting organizers. Digital calendars are viewable by all users in the space and you can enter times and dates for upcoming events and easily edit them, ensuring that other users are automatically notified of updates or changes

-Create digital agendas-create agendas in minutes and upload them to the digital whiteboard in the space. Directors will be able to review all necessary materials in advance and conduct meetings several times more efficiently

-Meet remotely – Videoconferencing features allow you to maintain a quality meeting even at a great distance, a very useful feature especially during quarantine

-Manage permissions – The administrator controls user access to all documents, interactions with them, and the meeting room. This not only eliminates distractions but is an additional security feature

-Sign documents wherever you are -electronic signatures are increasingly common and are a convenient feature that allows you to do your job even when you are on the road

-Create votes – voting and polls allow you to make quick and efficient decisions on an important issue without bringing it to the board of directors

-Enhance collaboration – Collaborative features and the ability to securely discuss important issues and share documents, as well as leave annotations and notes strengthen communication between board members

-Destroy data remotely -this added security feature allows you to secure your data if it is stolen or lost

-Enable to create team spaces -A manager can divide board members into individual groups to get things done more efficiently